Haydn's Creation production photograph

We started with Bach’s St. Matthew Passion in 2011, then gave three performances of a fully-staged Haydn's Creation in December 2013. We are currently in the process of planning our third concert scheduled for 2015.

Donate Now

If you like the sound of Vocal Futures and would like to support our work, please contact us to donate now. This is suitable for individual donations of between £1 and £500 and you will be included in our Roll of Honour where your contribution will be publicly acknowledged.

Individual Donors Scheme

This is for general donations to support our work. Under this scheme donors get tickets to a world-class musical performance and are presented with a facsimile of the marvellous composition being performed. In addition, donors are invited to various Vocal Futures events, from private drinks receptions to the industry-led workshops that are offered to our Young Ambassadors to inspire their love and enjoyment of Classical Music, and of course the concerts themselves.

Buy an Aria

Each work we produce is comprised of several Choruses, as well as Arias, Duets and Recitatives that are sung by our esteemed soloists. Donors can 'buy' one of these musical numbers, directly investing in the performance and becoming an eternal part of the Vocal Futures performance history. Current Aria owners include leading figures from the music and arts world, Stephen Fry and Mick Jagger, as well as generous individuals from other walks of life.
An Aria can be bought for £5000, and if you’re a UK taxpayer this can be increased to £6250 with Gift Aid.

Sponsor a Pod

75% of the Vocal Futures budget is dedicated to Education. Our unique three-step programme is designed to inspire our Young Ambassadors on a personal level, and in doing so create the classical music audiences of the future. Working with Partner Organisations (Pods), Y.A.s are offered the best in workshops and classes, as well as opportunities to engage with classical music produced by Vocal Futures and a range of other organisations.
An Educational Pod can be sponsored for £7500. Please see our Education page for more details or contact our Development Manager. Please see our Education page.

Corporate Sponsorship

Many businesses have chosen to sponsor Vocal Futures, either by sponsoring a particular aspect such as our Educational Pods, or more generally. We have an active online presence, and the potential for wide dissemination of its literature. There are various options for branding and advertising that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business.
For more information please contact Hanna GrzeĹ›kiewicz, our Development Manager  - - who will be happy to discuss your contribution in more detail.

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